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Massage Therapy

Pre-natal Massage
  • Ease aches and pains throughout entire pregnancy (typical complaints I see are headaches, back and hip pain, leg and foot cramps)
  • Encourage sleep, and reduce anxiety and depression
  • Safe for all trimesters
  • Treatment is done side-lying bolstered with pillows 
Post-natal Massage
  • Ease postural aches and pains associated with caring for a newborn (typical complaints I see are neck, shoulder and upper back pain, wrist and hand pain). 
  • Encourage rest and self care
  • Encourage healing and recovery in core postural muscles
  • Address C-section scar tissue if applicable  
  • Safe when all incisions have healed 
  • Treatment can be done face-down/up, or side-lying based on comfort and healing
  • Safe space for mothers who have experienced loss
Massage for Active Moms
  • Typically 6+ months post-partum 
  • Aid in recovery while returning to exercise and sports
  • Address specific concerns associated with motherhood and sport (typical complaints I see are one-sided lower back pain, and various lower body tendon injuries)
  • These treatments often include more movement and stretching
  • Provide resources to encourage a progressive and gradual return to exercise and sport 
Massage for Pelvic Pain
  • Address pain related to Endometriosis, Digestive Conditions, Surgeries, Painful Periods 
  • Work in conjunction with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists 
  • Ease pain and trigger points in lower back, legs, abdomen, and ribs 
  • Encourage self care based on individual goals 
General Therapeutic Massage
  • I use a mix of Swedish Massage, stretching, movement, and trigger point therapy to ease a variety of aches and pains, or to encourage rest and relaxation
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