Massage Therapy

Who do I see?
As a longtime triathlete and runner, I know firsthand how important massage therapy is when it comes to training and completing a race feeling strong. Without a doubt, massage therapy has been an integral part of my training and racing, and has helped me cross multiple marathon and Ironman finish lines feeling my best. 
My passion lies in providing the same kind of massage therapy care that I have received during training and post race. It is why many of my clients are also part of the sporting community. 
As a mom I also know how difficult it can be to get back into training after having a baby. I have taken extra courses in postpartum care, and work alongside pelvic floor physiotherapists to help get you back to the start line stronger than ever.  
What to expect?
I am often described as 'gentle and strong all at once'.


My hands on style is typically slower. I may use stretching, joint mobilizations, and suggest training modifications where necessary. My pressure ranges from light to deep, depending on your needs. 

Additional Training

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